Connect with Money on a more spiritual level, raising your vibration with Money for greater ease, abundance and joyful living.

Until now, this training has only been held in person, local to Linda’s home in Georgetown, Ontario. Many people in other parts of the world have expressed interest in this training, but couldn’t attend the live sessions in the past due to geographic restrictions.

This is a recording of the virtual live event that occurred October 5th – 8th 2021.


This 4-part mini-training is for you if you

– are tired of feeling stressed, overwhelmed, ashamed or guilty about money and finance and are ready to step into a new paradigm and relationship with Money;

– are open to money being energy, an energetic exchange of value and appreciation;

– want to connect more deeply with money on a spiritual level, raising their awareness, vibration, and consciousness with money;

– are tired of chasing money or riding the money roller coaster and are ready to expand ease and flow with money;

– want practical tools and strategies for identifying and plugging money leaks;

– want to have easier conversations about money (instead of avoiding and fearing those important money conversations – whomever they are with);

– desire greater freedom and peace of mind when it comes to money and financial matters.

The first step to reducing money stress and creating more ease in your life when it comes to money, is having the awareness of why the stress exists in the first place…it usually has more to do with the stories, judgments, and beliefs you have about money and your own self-worth than it does with money itself!

This mini-course will help you shift those old behaviours and paradigms and allow you to step into a whole new relationship with Money as your co-creative partner…one that will allow you to release the stress, fear and overwhelm and create more flow and fulfillment in your life, work and relationships.

In this mini-course Linda illuminates possibilities for you to:

Create awareness and recognize your limiting money stories without judgement;

See Money in a whole new light, creating the foundation for harmony and co-creation with Money as your life/business partner going forward, helping you to align your actions and practices with what you truly desire in your life and relationships.

Identify and close money leaks with new empowering money boundaries that are aligned with your money relationship values.

Have money conversations and ask for money with confidence and ease (no more avoiding important money conversations!).]


“I’m really enjoying diving deeper into my money relationship. Thanks for putting this all together and sharing.” ~Nicole

“Wow!! Linda, today’s session was so powerful!! I could feel massive energy shift within the group. The core lesson for me was: have CLARITY, TRUST, COMPASSION…Thank you for offering these conscious and fully loaded courses. God bless you! 💗✨🙏” ~ Gabriela


“I’m so appreciative of Linda’s support to shift how I relate to Money as my partner – for me a dance partner, to have way more fun with and let the fears not be so intimidating. I’m much more interested in what pleasures, fun and joy there is to be experienced in this beautiful world!” ~ Sonia


What is money stress and why is this important?

Money stress is the stress related to money and financial matters, arising from the fear of not having enough money, not making enough money, losing money, parting with money, having to pay for unplanned expenses, losing a job, getting sick, or some other major life event. This stress often impacts how we function, how we relate to others, and can lead to mental and physical illnesses and dis-ease, strained relationships, as well as lost productivity and profits (in fact, stressed costs $Billions every year). It’s important to recognize money stress and how it impacts you so you can address the issues at their core. By doing so, you are more connected to what’s truly important, you stress less, have better relationships, feel better emotionally, physically and mentally, and ultimately put more money in your pocket allowing you ease in joyful living.

What is a soul-based money relationship and how would it benefit me?

A soul-based relationship with money is one in which you care for and nurture money (as it nurtures you) in such a way that is aligned and in harmony with your core essence, values and beliefs. It goes way beyond the logical and physical aspects of money (tracking, saving, investing, planning, etc.), and incorporates the emotional and energetic (or spiritual) aspects of you and how you relate to money in your day-to-day decisions and interactions. When you start to see and treat money for what it really is – an energetic exchange of value and appreciation that can help you live fully and abundantly, you begin to release the fears of lack and limitation when it comes to money….you step into being truly you, living YOUR life and not someone else’s expectation of what your life and finances should look like.