30-Day Money Joy™ Alignment Virtual Course

Reduce Money Stress and activate a whole new co-creative and generative relationship with Money, as your PARTNER!

Abundance quote: All you have to do is look to the forest to see how abundant nature is - this is what is possible for you too.


Your current situation does not dictate your future potential; it's just your starting point.  Acknowledge where you're at and how you got here with your money stories, beliefs, actions and habits - WITHOUT judgment, conclusion or criticism!

Activate & Align

Get CLEAR on where you'd like to go with Money, and how to get there, based on what's truly important to YOU.


Clear your old money stories and beliefs that are not serving your financial wellbeing and wealth potential.   Let go of all the judgments and conclusions about how you do/don't do money, your current financial reality and the limitations you've placed on your future financial potential.

Embrace & Embody

Embrace Money as your CO-CREATIVE partner, and step into the energetic power of your Sacred Money Archetype®

When you create alignment and embody

Money as your partner, you

Gain a whole lot of clarity

of what you desire, what you have, and where your money blocks, limitations and leaks are.

Gain confidence & know-how

with managing your money, asking for money, making money, spending money and making any financial decision.  And you don't have to do it all alone.

Improve cash flows

learning how to set targets, plug money leaks, ask for money, work your cash flow plan, tap into your true money flow potential.

Get excited and charged up

for making your dreams come true and for improving your financial wellbeing.

Have peace of mind

with a simple plan, tools and protocols and SUPPORT - so you know exactly what to do and how to do it (no more stressing over it!).

Improve relationships

by understanding different money personalities and drivers, setting empowering money boundaries, and having courageous conversations.

What's included in the 30-Day Money Joy™ Course:

Sacred Money Archetype® discovery

We each have our own personality, and this is no different when it comes to money.  Your Sacred Money Archetype will show you your sacred gifts in unlocking your wealth and financial wellness potential.  ($197 value)

9, 90min training & coaching calls

Meeting Monday and Wednesday evenings for 90minutes, where we walk you through powerful tools and processes, including guided visualizations, that will help you gain clarity, and make powerful shifts in your relationship with money.  Every week has its theme, and all sessions will be recorded (so you'll have access to play/replay them anytime, even if you miss one of the live calls). (>$6500 value)

Money Joy™ journal

You'll receive daily journal prompts via email and the private Facebook group that will attune your awareness and open greater possibilities with Money. ($97 value)

Private Facebook Group

When one grows, we all grow.  The private Facebook group is a safe, no-judgment space to share, ask questions and support each other in building a co-creative relationship with Money.

4 Weekly Money dates

Spending quality time with Money is an important part of having a good relationship with Money.  The Money Dates will provide time for reflection with Money, as well as give you some key tools and strategies for nurturing your money in a fun and playful way (because dates are meant to be playful 🙂 )
(>$2000 value)

Private 1-1 follow-up session

As a BONUS, you will receive a private 1-1 follow-up coaching call to occur within 30 days of the end of the course, to offer additional support in anchoring in what you learned and building in the co-creative Money Relationship rituals in your regular practice. ($497 value)

Money Joy Alignment - Full Pay Option
$1,425 for 1 Year
Pay for your course in full right away and save $240.
Money Joy Alignment - 3 x $555 payment plan
3 payments of $555 / Month
Take 3 months to pay