Hi!  I’m Linda Spencer, CPA, CA, a visionary, artist, and creator and founder of VisionSpire Business Consulting and the Money Joy Academy.

I created this Academy because of my vision – a joyful, harmonious world, one without stress over money.

I’ve been there – full of money stress and all that goes with it (tension, physical pain, relationship strains)…but I’ve found a way through it, and know it IS possible…with the right tools and mindsets, you can be free of money stress too (even if you’re hundreds of thousands in debt).

I know what it’s like to live in fear, in lack.  I also know what it’s like to break through the fears and live FREELY and joyfully.  It takes courage, strength and fierce love.  It takes awareness and knowing that more is possible than what is happening right now in your life/business.  And it takes putting your trust and faith in the Universe, your intuition and in people who will support you to becoming free, joyful and abundant.

In this world of abundance and infinite possibility, NO ONE should have to struggle…no one should have to feel deprived of joy and abundance or feel stressed about money.  The solution starts with shifting mindsets to ones that empower you.  It also requires awareness, and gaining the knowledge and tools you need to create the strategies, systems, structure for success and take inspired action toward achieving your dreams.


I’m a Certified Professional Account, with over 20 years experience helping businesses with their financial, tax and business plans, improving tax management policies and processes, managing tax risk and advising businesses on Canadian corporate and personal income tax and North American indirect tax matters.

BUT, I’m not your typical tax accountant (some clients have even called me their Spiritual Accountant)…I was born an artist first (as a crafter, creator and inspirational writer and published author and poet), who just happened to be really good at math and logic – and fell in love with taxes at the age of 18…This led me down the path of tax accounting.  I come from a poor rural farming background, and struggled to pay my own way through college and university, a wedding, raise babies, buy 2 homes, and then in 2014 – break free from a bad marriage and pay for a divorce, experience job loss and start a new business with $150k in debt and no money coming in.

As a certified money mindfulness and business strategy coach, I help create transformations.  My mission is to help people have more peace, joy, harmony with Money as their Partner.  It’s about having empowering mindsets, the right tools and knowledge, the right plan, and executing your plans with INSPIRED consistent action to achieve results.


A bit more about me:

Helping people relieve their stress and live more joyful lives is my passion…but so are my 2 teenage boys.  I love watching them grow, and excel in their beloved sports of BMX racing and basketball.  We have lots of going on weekend camping road trips and creating things on our 5-acre wooded property.

I also have a passion for writing inspirational quotes and poetry, having published in several anthologies and international magazines over the years, with my first collection of poetry, prose and photography coming late in 2019.