I believe NO ONE should have to struggle with money…and that the biggest reasons people DO struggle is because of:


  • Mindset – we live in a society that has been built on scarcity and lack…where the gap between rich and poor is ever increasing…which when you consider that, worldwide, there is over $1.2 QUADRILLION invested in derivatives alone, and $80 trillion circulating in bank notes and deposits, there IS enough for everyone, and you CAN thrive financially.  All it takes is a little resourcefulness, creativity and action.
  • Lack of knowledge – you don’t know what you don’t know…when you become aware of new possibilities and new ways of doing things, you can make better and more informed financial decisions and take appropriate action.
  • Fear – of the unknown, of stepping outside your comfort zone, or talking about money…life happens outside your comfort zone, you can only grow if you push yourself further. Money has whatever energy you give it…it doesn’t have to be scary.  In this challenge, I’ll dispell some of those fears.

How you do money is how you do everything….how you do anything is how you do everything…if you’re ignoring your money, or have fear of money and finances, and feel like you’ve been done wrong by money, how does that translate to the rest of your business/life?


I created this challenge to

  1. create awareness of money habits and money management for small business owners (but anyone can participate – you are after all, the Chief Financial Office (or CFO) of your life, not just your business!)
  2. take some of the stress, fear and anxiety out of money and have more fun with it.


Who is this for?

The 8 Days of Money Joy is for people who:

  • feel “blah” when it comes to their finances
  • don’t know much about their finances, or feel stupid about money
  • think that money management is tedious and stressful
  • are behind in tax filings, paying bills, etc.
  • are afraid of their money/money management
  • are feeling money shame for being where they are financially
  • want more ease and playfulness with their money
  • want more money awareness & support in that

…AND for anyone who wants to take control of their finances (be the CFO of their life!), change the way they do money and create more ease in their money flows.


What to expect?

I have run a number of variations of this series, and here’s just a sample of what’s come up…participants have:

  • found THOUSANDS of dollars in forgotten money and gift cards;
  • had courageous money conversations resulting in tens of thousands of dollars collected in outstanding receivables,
  • increased fees and brought in more clients, and started making more money;
  • turned the daunting task of financial organization into a fun task that was completed in less time and with greater ease than ever imagined…creating a lasting shift in mindset and money habits.

Signing up is easy, and it’s FREE – my gift to you!  Just click the link below ?


Here’s what you get:

Financial wellness is more than improving know-how and making more money - it's the intricate balance between the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of money and finance - of building wealth, being able to handle life's unexpected events, and living joyfully with Money as your Partner.

When you participate in the 8 Days of Money Joy, you will start to experience what the Money Joy Academy is all about.

Once you've signed up, you will receive 2 bonus or welcome videos that will help you find money and release some money judgment right away.

You will then receive 8 daily emails with short video clips where I give you a challenge or activity to do that will empower you to understand and take control over improving your financial well-being (and I don't just mean putting more money in your bank accounts!).

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Energy flows where your attention goes!  So start paying attention to your money - with ease, grace and joy.