Everyone experiences financial stress at some point.

In fact, studies show money is the #1 cause of stress among adults, with over 65% of North Americans saying they experience stress and anxiety over money.  This stress can lead to physical, mental and emotional illness and dis-orders, increased absenteeism and lost productivity, as well as relationship conflict or breakdown (all costing us billions of dollars each year).


What I have found in my years of research and consulting, is that this money stress is most often caused by fears of the unknown (not knowing if the money will be there to pay bills, etc), lack of financial planning, and a whole lot of judgment about money (or what I call, money stories).


But what we really want is to be WELL, which goes way beyond financial literacy and know-how and includes the psychology and emotional aspects of money.  Creating a healthy RELATIONSHIP with money will help you reduce stress, create ease, be more in control of your finances and fiscal management, build wealth and make good money decisions aligned with the life you’d like to create for yourself and your family.


My mission with the Money Joy Academy is to help individuals relieve this stress, anxiety and fear over money, through education and guided processes and activities designed to increase financial awareness, improve financial literacy and know-how, and create lasting shifts in money mindsets and behaviors that will get you out of the judgment and lack cycle of money and into a cycle of abundance, gratitude and harmony with Money as your PARTNER.




8 Days of Money Joy Challenge

Small shifts in mindset and behavior can make huge impacts on our financial flows.  Take part in this FREE 11-day video series and watch how SHIFT happens!  CLICK HERE TO REGISTER







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Money As Your Partner 1-Day Intensive

Money stress usually has more to do with the stories, judgments, and beliefs you have about money and your own self-worth than it does with money itself! This 1-day workshop will help you begin to shift your perspectives about Money, activating a whole new relationship with Money as your co-creative partner...one that will allow you to release the stress, fear and overwhelm and create more meaning and fulfillment in your life!




Money Joy Alignment Course

You ARE the Chief Financial Officer of your business AND your life!  Reduce money stress and align your new co-creative and generative relationship with Money, as your PARTNER! Take control over your finances, earning power, and well-being with this 30-day virtual course.     Next course begins March 8, 2021